Ah, memories.
Behold! My childhood night-light.
A friend and I made these tonight along with lemon-glazed poppy seed muffins. The jars look so fantastic! They’re reminiscent of my childhood, chasing and catching fireflies on summer nights underneath crab apple trees in my front yard . I used to love spending those nights with my father, and uncles. Ah! To be six years old again! 
Side note: This entire blog is fantastic, and brimming with fun do-it-yourself projects!
And, in a past life, I modeled. I miss this hair so much. This particular shot clearly didn’t make the cut, but I like it because I look like the pale-as-moonlight-not-actually-cut-out-to-be-an-actual-model doof that I am.
I’ve been on the lookout for one of these lately.
Believe it or not, my dark-haired friend there isn’t the Russian in this photograph.

It’s actually more time consuming than one might expect. I knew I had a lot of books, and I mean a lot, but I never really considered the sheer volume of them until I spent hours pulling them off of the shelves in order to start placing the cards inside of them. I’m really glad I decided to do it because I’ve thought about it for quite some time, and it really does produce a wonderful sense of nostalgia, but I’m almost out of cards, and I’ve barely made it through the second shelf of my bookcase. This has proven to be quite an undertaking. I don’t know how I’m going to fit all of my books in the car when I move cross-country.