A friend and I made these tonight along with lemon-glazed poppy seed muffins. The jars look so fantastic! They’re reminiscent of my childhood, chasing and catching fireflies on summer nights underneath crab apple trees in my front yard . I used to love spending those nights with my father, and uncles. Ah! To be six years old again! 
Side note: This entire blog is fantastic, and brimming with fun do-it-yourself projects!
I made a Stormtrooper snowflake. :)
I made a Storm Trooper snowflake. :)
Black bean and chipotle hummus with honey, crushed red pepper, and olive oil. Damn, I’m good.


DIY: Chalkboard Mug

After seeing this I went out and bought everything required to do so.

A friend of mine was just talking about making one of these for her girlfriend! It’s really simple, and such a cute idea for the avid tea/coffee drinker in your life. ;)