An early morning walk con mi perrito, followed by a run with mi papa, and a simple, yet delicious,  brunch on my couch. Not a bad start to a long weekend. #eatfree #freegan #thankfulfor 🙏 (at The Hobbit Hole)
#Thankfulfor long weekends, this gorgeous white throw crafted by my great grandma Patzel many moon ago, these outrageously cozy lounge pants, a year’s subscription to @natgeo gifted to me for my last birthday to fuel my imagination/#travel aspirations (gracias, abuelita!), #Mexican chocolate #coffee creamer, my fiancé, #sunshine, rain clouds, and my #life in general. Not every moment is #perfect, but it makes me appreciate the moments that are all the more. #blessed #itsthelittlethings 🙏 (at The Hobbit Hole)


"Why do you want this job?"

Because under capitalism I am forced to sell my labor in order to subsist.

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Nobody here but us robins. 🐣 (at Dallas Arboretum Children’s Garden)
Hanging with my toadies. 🐸 (at Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden)
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Yeah, some days are like that. #whovian #doctorwho #TARDIS
Mashed purple yams, Korean melon balls, bok choy, and cubed dragon fruit. #Thankfulfor culinary options. (at The Hobbit Hole)
And the back! 👌#elfrogue #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #nerds
Introducing, my Wood Elf rogue, Laur Woodsoul. She’s my first attempt at painting minis. I’ll try to get a better picture later. It’s tough to see the details, but I’m content with it (even if the paint does seem to refuse to stay on a couple of the pieces 😤). #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #nerd
You know you’re a #Whovian when your initial assumption is that the symbols on your beverage read “Starbucks” in #Gallifreyan. 😞 #doctorwho
Baking goodies, and loving on my freshly-manicured beebs. They put a stupid tiny bow on her head at the groomers, which I promptly removed upon reaching the car. #chorkie #dogmom 🐾 (at The Hobbit Hole)
Dad's Wife:: Do you watch TV?
Me:: I don't own a television.
Dad's Wife:: Do you watch it on the Internet then?
Me:: I don't have Internet.
Dad's Wife:: (looking dismayed) What do you do?
Me:: I read books.



The fact that in the world there exists tiny cotton ball bats in tiny bat communities that cling to the bottom of folded leaves makes all the shitty stuff that exists totally ok.

Always reblog Honduran white bats. 

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