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Found this gem in the MX (train newspaper in Melbourne)
Anonymous: i searched for 'tolstoy' and then i followed you

Hm, I didn’t see that I have any new followers. @tea_and_tolstoy is my moniker.


Currently reading: “Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales”

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A Cat in a Knot in a Tree (by Alan Mays)


girl you broke my heart into more fractions than a white person’s ethnicity

I’m dead.

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Ran under a ten minute mile! B-b-b-bam! 💪 #getitgirl #howispendmysaturday #youcantevenseemyawesomemakeup (at Firefly 5k Run)
'Tis a day of food posts. Buying energy bars was getting expensive, so I decided to make a lazy version of my own: coconut oil, coconut flakes, chia seeds, chocolate chips, toasted oats and almonds, and various other bits o' goodness. I may try using puffed millet next time, but in the meantime, these tasty chunks will do. #fitfood (at The Hobbit Hole)


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Reminds me of Bassnectar
Anonymous: hi dear, was just wondering if you had a twitter by any chance? x

Unfortunately not! This, and Instagram are the only two online accounts I have.